The Code of Honor

Code of Honor

Roleplaying Rules:

–There is NO Word / Character / Page limit to RPs.

–Please check your egos at the door. This is a game, and every one starts on an equal playing field.



–Singles Matches  – 1 Per Character

–Tag Team Division Matches – 1 Per TEAM*

–Tag Team Matches (NON DIVISION)  – 1 Per Character (Unless Otherwise Noted)


Match Rules (Mainly for writers)

– Matches are all contested with a 15 minute time limit, unless otherwise stated.

-Title matches are contested under a 30 Minute / Television Time Remaining Limit…unless otherwise stated

– Wrestlers MUST Shake Hands before and after a match, if they respect each other.

– The official has a 20 count on the floor, and a five count when a wrestler is in the ropes.

—Failure to return to the ring, before a 20 count will result in a Count Out

—Failure to break a hold after the ref’s five count, will result in disqualification

—excessive use of weapons will also result in a DQ.

—outside interference will result in a DQ

– Tag Matches are contested under the same rules, but also under Lucha Libre Rules. There is still a 5 count rope break / 20 count on the floor. Lucha rules make it so if a wrestler leaves the ring, it constitutes a legal tag. Matches are designed this way to keep the action IN THE RING (and make match writers lives a little easier)


These are some of the less self explanitory “gimmick” matches PWX runs. More will be added as needed.

a Fight Without Honor is a Hardcore Match. These matches include no rules, no count outs, and falls count anywhere. The ref is only there to count the pin, or hear a submission. This variant on a hardcore / extreme rules match is only used for blood feuds.

when a match is contested under Revolution Rules, it is usually a multi-man (singles or tag) elimination match. The stipulation, is that each round of the match (after each elimination)-the stipulation changes. EX: A Four Way Rev Rules Could start as a standard 4 way, than become a Tables Match after one elimination, and a Ladder after the second.

A Razor Wire Warfare match is a no ropes match. The ropes are replaced with Razor Wire-as opposed to regular old barb wire. This match is incredibly bloody, and incredibly violent. Another rare match for PWX fans to see.

WWE has Hell In A Cell, TNA has, some stupid gimmick with a stupid concept nobody cares about. PWX has the Seventh Circle. It originally used in PWX at Civil War, and was originally known as the Cage of Death or Cage of Wires. The Seventh Circle is an octagon cage surrounding the ring side area. Inside the cage are various weapons, including tables, chairs, ladders, signs, and light tubes. This match is incredibly rare, and insanely violent. There are a pair of scaffolds in the corners of the cage, as well as a razor wire spiderweb attached to one of the sides of the ring-leaning against the cage wall. Directly across from it-is a pane of glass in the same fashion.

There are two variants of this match.

NORMAL SEVENTH CIRCLE is where a standard match takes place inside of the cage. This can be singles or tag team. Usually elimination or sudden death.


CIVIL WAR is the War Games variant of this match. This is where 2 teams of 4 or more collide in a War Games Rules bout

-Two wrestlers start off for five minutes
-another wrestler enters after that
-every 2 minute, another wrestler enters.

-single fall to the finish


For regular roster members/non-champions:First no-show – warning through PM and character will be job to the opponent (if opponent RPed. If not match will be cancelled)

Second no-show – warnings will be posted on the forums and suspension.

Third no-show – babye. Agree!

For champions:

First no-show – Warning through PM

Second no-show – Warnings will be posted on the forums and character will be stripped of his/her title.

Third no-show – bye-bye.

NOTE: If you think you wont be able to RP, please inform any of the staff (PWXOnline and Brian Hollywood) at least 24 hours before deadline and we’ll let you off.


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