Adrenaline 47: Tag Wars

pwx_tag_2013What a night of action! The Hybrid Division was in full swing, as Anton Chase went to war with John Pariah. Elijah Black went to battle with Timothy Hunt!


Also, the Tag Titles were on the line (finally!) as Sex & Money defended against both the House of Stone and The Bad Attitude! Who are our tag team champions? Find out on Adrenaline 47-NOW!


Adrenaline 46: Championship Taisen (Louisville, KY)

06Adrenaline 47 is in the books folks! What a night the CHAMPIONSHIP TAISEN was! Who walked out ontop when the World Champion and the Evolution Champion went head to head? Also, who will challenge for the World Tag Team Titles? And do we have a NEW HYBRID CHAMPION?

Adrenaline 45: Uprising Fallout

pwx_fuel wht went down when Jason Aries fought Elijah Black? Who is the next challenger for the World Title? What did Anton Chase do in his PWX DEBUT? Tune into ADR45 to find out!

Uprising (Toyota Park, IL)



What a night it was. Who walked away with the Hybrid Championship? Did the House of Stone keep their Evolution Title intact? Who has a date with destiny to fullfill their Golden Dreams? Who is still alive? Pariah or Hollywood? and who is our WORLD CHAMPION? Tune into UPRISING to find out!

Adrenaline 44: Teddy Long Tag Team Special, Playa (Chicago, IL)

teddy_long_tag_team_match-300x348Huge Tag Team Action headlined the final night before UPRISING! The Evolution Champion (of the Galaxy) TROY STONE teamed with his girl OPHELLIA MORGANTI to take on the Hybrid Champion MICHEAL TOMKINS and JASON ARIES!


Plus we all saw the second encounter between JOHN PARIAH and TIMOTHY HUNT, and a pair of Knockout Matches-as Elijah Black and Nighthawk continue to try and one up each other!


Tune into Fuel TV for all the action of Adrenaline 44…PLAYA!

Adrenaline 43: Stone vs Pariah (Crown Point, IN)


What went down as TROY STONE defended his Evolution Championship (of the Galaxy) against JOHN PARIAH? What happened when NIGHTHAWK went to war with ADAM STRYKER-and could the WORLD CHAMPION stay PARTIAL?


Was Ophellia Morganti able to get back on the winning track against Donovan Cross? Was Brian Watters able to go 2-0? Check out the recap of ADRENALINE 43: STONE VS PARIAH RIGHT NOW!

Adrenaline 42: One Year Later (Crown Point, IN)

250px-1_Year_Later_BulletBetween two HUGE Championship Matches-the road to UPRISING is being paved right before our eyes!

TOnight, we celebrated a full year of existence (this season)-and to do that-we returned to the WORLD FAMOUS Original PWX Arena in Crown Point, Indiana. The final event before the building is being decommissioned!

Is Elijah Black still World Champion? Is Sex & Money still World Tag Team Champions? What was the celebration of new Evolution Champion Troy Stone like? Check out the recap for more details!

Adrenaline 41: rEVOLVE (June 19th 2013 – Chicago, IL)

pwx_evo_2013What a night it was at the NEW PWX Arena, who walked out of a HUGE three way dance for the Evolution Championship? What happened when former stablemates in Aries and Silkk went to war? Check out the replay for all the action of ADR41: rEVOLVE-as we begin the road to UPRISING at Toyota Park!

PWX: The Initiative (June 12th 2013, Chicago, IL)

pwx_initiative13v1PWX presented the INITIATIVE LIVE ON FUEL TV!


What Happened when Nighthawk defended the World Title against Elijah Black?


When Ophellia defended her Hybrid Title?


The Ladder War between Aries and Rage over the Evolution Title?


The Fight Without Honor with Pariah and Hollywood?


Tune in to find out!


Adrenaline 40: Ultimate Endurance (6-5-13, Detroit, MI)




PWX entered Red Wing Country when they returned to the Motor City! Who walked away with momentum going into The Initiative? Tune into ADR40 to find out!