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Adrenaline 54: Rise of a Monster

cropped-new_pwx_logo.pngAdrenaline 54 was a huge night of action! Check out the recap at



Adrenaline 53: Full Throttle Fallout


PWX returns to Canada, and returns to Montreal with the fallout of FULL THROTTLE!


The new Hybrid Champion ANTON CHASE goes to war with the Evo Champion RYAN KIDD in our main event. Who will survive in this Champion War!

FULL THROTTLE 2013 (New York)

227px-Full_Throttle_LogoPWX Full Throttle is in the books-who is the World Champion? Who is the Hybrid Champion? What dastardly deed did Zion do this week?


Adrenaline 51: Extreme Adrenaline 2013

Extreme_(_Extreme_album_-_cover_art)Tonight, PWX returned to Philadelphia, PA for Adrenaline 51-and on this night, the World Grand Prix got EXTREME.


See what we did there?


Who are the FINAL THREE in the WGP, and could Timothy Hunt take out Noah Hanson? Tune in to find out!


Adrenaline 45: Uprising Fallout

pwx_fuel wht went down when Jason Aries fought Elijah Black? Who is the next challenger for the World Title? What did Anton Chase do in his PWX DEBUT? Tune into ADR45 to find out!

Adrenaline 42: One Year Later (Crown Point, IN)

250px-1_Year_Later_BulletBetween two HUGE Championship Matches-the road to UPRISING is being paved right before our eyes!

TOnight, we celebrated a full year of existence (this season)-and to do that-we returned to the WORLD FAMOUS Original PWX Arena in Crown Point, Indiana. The final event before the building is being decommissioned!

Is Elijah Black still World Champion? Is Sex & Money still World Tag Team Champions? What was the celebration of new Evolution Champion Troy Stone like? Check out the recap for more details!

PWX High Stakes 2013 Results | Hammond, Indiana (4-3-13)

highstakes_2013_logoWhat a night! We saw three new champions crowned! What did the Untouchables do-and what will happen as we return to the Frontier Arena and kick off the Road to Civil War? Who walked out with the World Championship? Is Elijah Black still unbeaten? Did Hollywood and Stryker Survive The Seventh Circle? Who became the New Womens’ Champion?

All these answers and more-check out PWX HIGH STAKES on FUEL TV!

Adrenaline 29: reFUEL

Who is the we Number One Contender to Darin Zion’s World Title? The road to PWX High Stakes begin in Chicago as PWX goes prime time on FUELTV!!



Adrenaline 28: When Pariah met Hunt [In Osaka]

pwx_fuelWho won the Hybrid Hall of Fame Match? Pariah or Hunt?

Where does the road to Hostile Takeover go from here, as we head to the Tokyo Dome for one of our biggest nights ever?

Find out..right now!

(Check the results section for more details!)

BREAKING NEWS: New World Tag Team Champs Crowned!



LONDON: During a live 1WW event on Monday, Feb 4th 2013 in London, England-than PWX World World Tag Team Champions Spencer Vain and Victor Jace came to the ring-claiming to be the absolute best team of all time.

Adam Stryker came to the ring and issued a challenge to the,-bringing his protege Christian Rhodes out with him. PWX Director of Competition Lillith Morgan came out and sanctioned the match-and we were underway!

The match ended with Rhodes and Stryker hitting Jace with a power bomb / shinrau combination-and than scoring the win.

More on our new champions as it develops!