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PWX confirmed WORLD GRAND PRIX 2013

pwx_wgp_2013PWX took to Twitter last night to announce the return of the WORLD GRAND PRIX Tournament.


Last year, PWX introduced the WGP as a means to attract new rising talent to the company. The tournament did that, as it brought current Golden Dreams holder Timothy Hunt, current two time Hybrid Champion Jessica Harmony, Marisol Silkk, Tiami Tyler and the eventual winner of the tournament-Kerry Windsor into the PWX ring.


This year, PWX has opened up to an initial field of TWELVE-and the invitations have gone out. Already six spots in the tournament are claimed: Former PWX Tag Team Champion TIAMI TYLER will represent WEW, WILLIAM BLAKE will represent SCW. Also, current PWX talent BRUCE BOWEN will represent the House of Stone-along with current Evolution Champion TROY STONE. PWX rising star ANTON CHASE, and the first ever Proving Ground Winner RYAN KIDD round out this initial six. Rumors and interest have been circling the internet all day-as to who else could throw their name into the tournament.


The prize? 10 Grand in cash, and a shot at the PWX World Champion in October at UNBREAKABLE.


PWX Schedule:


August 21st – Do Or Die III

Toyota Center

Houston, TX


August 28th – ADR49: World Grand Prix 2: Night One
Forbes Arena
Atlanta, GA

September 4th – ADR50: 50 Shades of Adrenaline
Bojangles Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

September 11th – ADR51: Extreme Adrenaline
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, PA

September 18th – ADR 52: World Grand Prix: Jersey Style
Sun National Bank Arena
Trenton, New Jersey

September 25th – PWX Full Throttle II PPV
Manhattan Center
New York City, NY






Tickets have gone on sale for all five dates of PWX’s “International Incident 2013” Tour!

The tour will kick off with a historic Adrenaline 25-as PWX debuts in Sydney, Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Center on January 30th! General Admission is $30-and prices work their way up to $115 for Ringside!

On February 2nd, PWX returns to the Doncaster Dome in South Yorkshire, England for Adrenaline 26!

February 13th, PWX returns to Paris, France at The Zenith for Adrenaline 27!

February 20th see’s PWX return to the site of the original “Hostile Takeover” event in 2006, when PWX returns to the Osaka Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan – for Adrenaline 28!

The tour concludes on the 27th of February-when PWX debuts in their biggest venue yet. The Tokyo Dome! PWX enters these hallowed halls for “Hostile Takeover III”. This event will be historic-as it will mark PWX’s debut as part of Showtimes new “Fight Night” series-showcasing the best of Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing! The event will air on Showtime in HD!

PWX Director of Competition Lillith Morgan was estatic when this was announced. “I cannot stress how important this new deal with Showtime is to the growth of PWX.” she said. “With NBC removing wrestling from their network this month-PWX needed a new home for our monthly fight events-and Showtime came to us with a great deal!”

When asked about the possibility of Adrenaline moving back to cable-after making a very profitable home on Hulu Plus, Ms. Morgan had this to say: “We’re exploring all our avenues. The deal with Hulu is still very lucrative. Our expansion to Netflix Streaming with the PW-ClassiX line has shown that they are very flexible with us. I wont say ‘never’ to Adrenaline returning to cable TV-but I wouldn’t hold my breath either.”

PWX International Incident 2013 Tour:
1-30-13 – Adrenaline 25 | Sydney Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia
2-6-13 – Adrenaline 26 | Doncaster Dome, South Yorkshire, England
2-13-13 – Adrenaline 27 | Zenith, Paris, France
2-20-13 – Adrenaline 28 | Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan
2-27-13 – Hostile Takeover III | Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

PWX Rewind 2012 – BEST OF 2012


PWX just aired it’s Best of 2012 Special on Hulu! Who was inducted into the Hall of Fame? Who won Wrestler of the Year? Match of the Year? Find out on PWX Rewind-ONLY ON HULU PLUS!

PW-XTRA for 9-21-12


PW-Xtra for 9-21-12:



Happy iPhone 5 Day Everyone!!! It’s time for the return of the PW-Xtra!! This week, we’re going to take a look at some of the talent news in PWX-following Adrenaline 11’s “Proving Ground”. Some of the big news involving certain PWX Stars. Some announcements for Unbreakable, and so much lets dive in with the official PREVIEW of Adrenaline 12!


Remember, you can follow all the late breaking news EXCLUSIVELY on Twitter, by following @PWXOnline today!




Event: PWX Adrenaline 12: World Grand Prix Finals

Date: Wednesday, September 26th 2012

Venue: MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Welcome everyone to the exclusive preview of Adrenaline 12! Where we will see the finals of the World Grand Prix Tournament!


First off, last weeks Proving Ground winner will step into the ring for his second PWX match-and he has a tough challenge ahead of him this week. For the young SoCal Superstar, Ryan Kidd- his first task since signing his 90 Day PWX Developmental contract is a daunting one. The Destroyer of Worlds, Chaos!


Chaos is coming off of a huge loss last week to Marisol Hawkes, which sent him packing from the World Grand Prix Tournament. You know the Destroyer of Worlds is now refocused, and dedicated to climbing back up that ladder, and hurting whoever he gets his hands on. Ryan Kidd will have his hands full-but it doesn’t look to bother him. On twitter this week, he tweeted the following:




Just got the word that I’m facing @ChaosPwX next week at #Adrenaline12. Someone’s gonna get their head stomped.



he than followed up with a message to our World Champion, who dropped him with a Dream Killer following his impressive debut last week.




To anyone that care, I’m alright. @AbstractSilkk‘s attack was just business for him but I took that personality. I’ll have my time. For now, I’ll sit in the sidelines and watch the others go for his head.



Ryan Kidd is focused on making an impact in PWX-as quickly as possible. A win over the grizzly veteran Chaos could do just that.


Also at Adrenaline 12. The World Tag Team Champions (of the World?) The Hollywood Boyz return to action-taking on the duo of Mike Dimter and Mike Blade. Dimter was eliminated two weeks ago in the World Grand Prix-and than suffered a loss to Jason Aries last week. Mike Blade is a brand new recruit, looking to prove himself against two of the best PWX have to offer. This match is going to be a very fun match-and we’ll see what these two kids have to offer as they challenge the veterans, Brian Hollywood and Darin Zion to a Non Title Tag Team Showdown!


Next up, Jason Aries takes on Josh Graves-in a match where the winner will earn himself a shot at the PWX Hybrid Championship-facing Bob Pooler at Unbreakable on October 3rd. Josh Graves recently returned to PWX for the World Grand Prix, and was eliminated last week by Jessica Harmony in a fantastic bout. Jason Aries-was eliminated two weeks ago in the tournament-and has decided to take matters into his own hands. Last week, he was victorious over Mike Dimter and Josh Davis in a three way dance-this week, he looks to parlay that success into a win over the former Evolution and Tag Team Champion-in Josh Graves-and get a golden opportunity in the process!


One of the bigger matches on next weeks card, is the No DQ Proving Ground Match against Joe Johnson and “Mr. Controversy” Timothy Hunt. Hunt attacked both Marisol Hawkes-and her beau James Silkk last week, and the attack was responded to by fellow Elite member Joe Johnson. Both of these men are looking to make an impact-not only in PWX-but on each others faces-as they throw the rules out the window, and have a fight to the finish. Who will step out of the Proving Ground with not only a victory, but a PWX Contract?


Of course, the much talked about main event. The final round of the World Grand Prix tournament. Former Revival Champion Kerry Windsor, takes on Elite member Marisol Hawkes, AND fellow Elite Member-and former TRUE TV Champion Jessica Harmony in a Three Way Dance. This match will be No DQ. No Countout. No Time Limits-and Elimination Rules.


Most people think Kerry has an uphill battle, fighting two members of The Elite. It will be interesting to see how this pans out-as the winner not only gets a snazzy trophy, but a World Title shot at Unbreakable. Of course, the World Campion is current Elite member, “The Abstract” James Silkk. Who will walk out of Adrenaline 12 the Number One Contender? Silkk’s friend? Silkk’s rival? or Silkk’s girlfriend?







PWX has released Josh Davis.


PWX has offered Mike Dimter a 90 Day deal with the company.


PWX has signed Ryan Kidd to a 90 Day Developmental deal.


PWX has made offers to Joe Johnson, Timothy Hunt, and Mike Blade-pending results of their Adrenaline 12 matches.





UWL WrestleFest!


the United Wrestling League, an interfed that PWX is a member of-announced open sign ups for their inaugural Wrestlefest event. Two PWX stars have already signed up, and the names may surprise you.


“The Phenom” Jason Aries

The SoCal Superstar Ryan Kidd.


Both of these names shocked PWX management, but we are happy to see the new blood of PWX step up to the plate for the company.




Wedding Bells?



It’s been a WHIRLWIND week for James Silkk. First, he wins the World Title in Montreal-and is IMMEDIATLY laid out. Than he goes out clubbing in celebrations-meets the beautiful Marisol Hawkes-and the two haven’t left each others side since. Than, last Friday-his band SILKK played a hometown show in Toronto, where he was attacked by a mystery man-and had the World Title stolen from him.


This week on Adrenaline-after making a statement to Ryan Kidd, Darrell Hayes-and Brian Hollywood-whom he had pegged as a prime suspect-he went into an all out brawl with Timothy Hunt, who tried to attack his girlfriend, Marisol Hawkes. Only to get a lead pipe to the ribs for his troubles.


Early Thursday Morning, a package arrived for Silkk-with the World Title belt in it, with a note simply reading “Like A Boss”. Speculation is running wild-but with the belt back in his possession, the Rock Star World Champion took his lovely girl for a night on the town-and than dropped a bombshell on the world.


He proposed to her.


Now we don’t have a date or anything-but this development does ring for a very interesting twist to the World Grand Prix. With his fiancé a finalist-what would happen if Marisol pulls the win out, and goes to Unbreakable to challenge her man for the World Title?



Thats it for the PW-Xtra guys! Stay tuned, as we will be airing a special interview with the newest PWX star, the Proving Ground winner…Ryan Kidd!


(c) 2012 PWX Entertainment LLC

PW-Xtra for July 29th 2012

Hello and welcome to the PW-Xtra! Today is Sunday, July 29, 2012-and we are still feeling the effects of crowning THREE new champions at Wednesday Nights event.

We would like to foremost apologize to the fans who tried to watch it live. Technical difficulities prevented us from airing the show live-and we weren’t able to get the show to air until late Thursday Night. Once again, we whole heartedly apologize to our fans-and appreciate you bearing with us.

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PW-Xtra for July 12th 2012 – NEW FRONTIERS PREVIEW!


PW-Xtra for July 12th 2012


Welcome everyone to the PW-Xtra! It is Thursday, July 12th 2012-and it has been a HUGE news day for us!


First off, what a night it was last night at Adrenaline? The fans were insane, and the action in the ring was even better! Couldn’t of asked for a better night!


This week, PWX brings you another live night of no limits action, as we are just under two weeks away from our first super card event, “NEW FRONTIERS”. The main event for the show has been set in stone, and it will be John Ojeda-the man who was the final PWX World Champion when the company went on hiatus in 2010-taking on the Founder of PWX, John Pariah in a No Holds Barred All Out War! This rivalry has gotten extremely personal over the last couple of weeks, and has managed to encompass Darrell Hayes, Kirsta Lewis, Tyler Boyd, Brian Hollywood, Darin Zion, Jacob Wright -and even a returning Dazz into the fray! Not to mention Hayes’ new personal henchmen, Havok and Brimstone-the Agents of Destruction! What kind of action will we see this Wednesday Night, when they face the duo of Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood?


Also, what will Brian Hollywood do. Darrell Hayes has charged him with the task of taking out his former best friend, Darin Zion-and has threatened to fire him on the spot if he doesn’t comply. What will Brian Hollywood do at Adrenaline this week?


Speaking of questions, a lot of people have been asking WHY PWX has decided to book the Hybrid Champion, Jacob Rollins in a tag team match this week-with his partner being Jason Aries, and his opponents being John Duke-and the shooting star that is Kayla Cross. PWX Founder John Pariah was quoted as saying this on Twitter earlier today:


John Pariah ‏@pariahwrestling

We booked Rollins and Aries vs Cross and Duke to showcase the future of PWX, between our Hybrid and Evolution divisions!”



At New Frontiers, Kayla Cross will challenge the unbeaten Hybrid Champion-Jacob Rollins for the PWX Hybrid Championship. Pariah has given her this title opportunity, because he see’s a strong work ethic in her.


“I feel personally responsible for Kayla” Pariah said when asked for a quote. “I brought her into PWX, I negotiated her contract, and I feel she’s going to be a major player, and a major part of PWX as we continue to evolve our brand.” Pariah also added: “Giving her this opportunity, so early in her run here in PWX has come from a direct result of her work ethic. She showed up to Adrenaline 2 on July 4th-without being requested there, under her own accord. It only took Rollins one match to become champion, and Kayla has earned that same credit.” he finished.


Speaking of evolving, PWX announced plans to re-introduce the Evolution Championship at New Frontiers. The match management has decided on is a “Suvive 2 Evolve” Match, which will feature four future PWX stars in an Elimination Match to crown a new champion. The four chosen combatants will be Jason Aries, John Duke, Chaos, and Norcia. PWX Management had this to say regarding the match:


“All four men we’ve selected have shown that they have a wealth of potential to reach the top. We see the Evolution Championship as a way for all these men to get a strong foothold on that ladder to success. Each have their own reasoning. Norcia wants to grow past the shadow of brother. Chaos wants to return to prominence, and Duke and Aries are both fresh faces in the PWX Lockeroom-looking to make a name for themselves.”


New Frontiers is shaping up to be a HUGE event, and to cap it off, PWX has announced the return of the World Tag Team Championship! PWX has announced Four Teams will be chosen to compete: First up, is the Carnival Connection. This group has proven to be a very popular and controversial addition to the PWX roster. PWX management hasn’t made any final decisions, but they are eying adding Perfect 10 to the match as well. Two young vixens who want to make a name for themselves in this industry. PWX has confirmed a mystery team has been signed-by PWX Founder, John Pariah personally-for this match, although no light has been shed on the situation. The only question remains: What exact kind of match is it going to be, and who will be the fourth team?


We’d like to break the news here tonight, that PWX Management has signed a HUGE Three Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for New Frontiers as well. The participants? Marissa Stamm, Tweeder, and Kirsta Lewis. The prize? The Number One Contendership to the PWX World Championship! The winner will receive their title shot in August at PWX Full Throttle!


“We can’t wait to kick New Frontiers off with what is sure to be a violent and epic match!” Network Executive Darrell Hayes said when asked for a quote. “I personally feel that these three are ready, and are three of the top stars on the PWX Roster right now.” Hayes added.


PWX is excited to bring you NEW FRONTIERS in two weeks. Check your local listings for what might be the biggest night in PWX History!