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PWX confirmed WORLD GRAND PRIX 2013

pwx_wgp_2013PWX took to Twitter last night to announce the return of the WORLD GRAND PRIX Tournament.


Last year, PWX introduced the WGP as a means to attract new rising talent to the company. The tournament did that, as it brought current Golden Dreams holder Timothy Hunt, current two time Hybrid Champion Jessica Harmony, Marisol Silkk, Tiami Tyler and the eventual winner of the tournament-Kerry Windsor into the PWX ring.


This year, PWX has opened up to an initial field of TWELVE-and the invitations have gone out. Already six spots in the tournament are claimed: Former PWX Tag Team Champion TIAMI TYLER will represent WEW, WILLIAM BLAKE will represent SCW. Also, current PWX talent BRUCE BOWEN will represent the House of Stone-along with current Evolution Champion TROY STONE. PWX rising star ANTON CHASE, and the first ever Proving Ground Winner RYAN KIDD round out this initial six. Rumors and interest have been circling the internet all day-as to who else could throw their name into the tournament.


The prize? 10 Grand in cash, and a shot at the PWX World Champion in October at UNBREAKABLE.


PWX Schedule:


August 21st – Do Or Die III

Toyota Center

Houston, TX


August 28th – ADR49: World Grand Prix 2: Night One
Forbes Arena
Atlanta, GA

September 4th – ADR50: 50 Shades of Adrenaline
Bojangles Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

September 11th – ADR51: Extreme Adrenaline
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, PA

September 18th – ADR 52: World Grand Prix: Jersey Style
Sun National Bank Arena
Trenton, New Jersey

September 25th – PWX Full Throttle II PPV
Manhattan Center
New York City, NY



Adrenaline 47: Tag Wars

pwx_tag_2013What a night of action! The Hybrid Division was in full swing, as Anton Chase went to war with John Pariah. Elijah Black went to battle with Timothy Hunt!


Also, the Tag Titles were on the line (finally!) as Sex & Money defended against both the House of Stone and The Bad Attitude! Who are our tag team champions? Find out on Adrenaline 47-NOW!

Adrenaline 35: Windy City Rumble RESULTS! 4-24-13

justinrobertsgetchokedoutYeah, it was that intense..


PWX returned to the Frontier Arena in Chicago-with a huge night that could only be summed up by WINDY CITY RUMBLE! The war between the Untouchables and the First Family came to a head – as Tiami Tyler clashed with Christian Rhodes, and the World Tag Team Titles were up for grab as Pariah & Hollywood took on Stryker and Aries!


Also, the Evolution Champion and World Champion (our people in the truck want to call them Black Hawk Down…..we dont know why either….RJD…) – went to battle with their respective Civil War opponents-Shadoe Rage and Noah Hanson. Which team made it out on top at the Windy City Rumble?

Also, what is the fate of the former World Champion? Darin Zion’s retirement speech and so much more- its the 647th thread on our board..its ADR35: WINDY CITY RUMBLE!!


PWX Announces CIVIL WAR: LEGACY for May 8th 2013 @ the United Center

pwx_civilwar_13Tonight, PWX presented “High Stakes” live on FUEL TV. During the broadcast, PWX Director of Competition announced a huge event would be making its return to PWX on May 8th at the United Center in Chicago, IL. That event, is entitled CIVIL WAR.


The sides seem to be chosen. THE UNTOUCHABLES will go to war with the FIRST FAMILY-with control of PWX on the line. Whose side are you on?


PWX presents Civil War: Legacy live on FUEL TV, Wednesday May 8th 2013. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM at the United Center Box Office,, and all Ticketmaster locations! PWX has also announced that BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE would be providing their song, “Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2)” as the official theme song of CIVIL WAR: LEGACY!

PWX Hostile Takeover | Tokyo, Japan


Who walked away with gold in Japan? Was Tiami Tyler able to win the Womens Title-or did the First Lady score a huge win? Was Ness able to regain the World Title-or did Darin Zion’s dominance continue?

What happened when Adam Stryker and Brian Hollywood went to war?

Find out as PWX presents HOSTILE TAKEOVER III from TOKYO, JAPAN!

BREAKING: PWX and FUEL sign long term agreement – NEW HOME ANNOUNCED!



PWX has signed a long term television deal with FUEL TV. Begining next week with Adrenaline 29-PWX Wrestling will air weekly EXCLUSIVELY on Fuel TV every Wednesday Night!


In addition, PWX is moving home bases, effective next week. Adrenaline 29: reFUEL will eminante from the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago, IL. Fuel TV has a vision for the PWX product, and wants to showcase the antithesis of what people see “sports entertainment”. PWX prides itself on being professional wrestling, and not “sports entertainment” – Fuel TV’s new vision for the company will embody that belief, and showcase the best WRESTLING talent available.


Catch Fuel’s airing of PWX: Hostile Takeover III later tonight, and check out PWX’s return to Chicago for Adrenaline 29: reFUEL next week from Chicago, IL!

Adrenaline 27: One Night In Paris!

HybridTitlePWX returned to Paris, France-headlined bya  HUGE Steel Cage Match for the Hybrid Championship! What happened when Stryker and Hunt went one on one for the title?

What happened in the first round of the Women’s Championship Tournament?

Tune into Adrenaline 27 to find out!

BREAKING NEWS: New World Tag Team Champs Crowned!



LONDON: During a live 1WW event on Monday, Feb 4th 2013 in London, England-than PWX World World Tag Team Champions Spencer Vain and Victor Jace came to the ring-claiming to be the absolute best team of all time.

Adam Stryker came to the ring and issued a challenge to the,-bringing his protege Christian Rhodes out with him. PWX Director of Competition Lillith Morgan came out and sanctioned the match-and we were underway!

The match ended with Rhodes and Stryker hitting Jace with a power bomb / shinrau combination-and than scoring the win.

More on our new champions as it develops!


pwx_fuelWhat happened when the Golden Dreams particpants went to war in a Trios Match? What happened when the World Champion and Hybrid Champion collided? Could James Silkk and Brian Hollywood co-exist? Find out as ADR24 is live from Moline, IL!


pwx_fuelBREAKING NEWS: Pro Wrestling X has announced that it’s four week “International Incident” Tour tapings of the hit show ADRENALINE will not air on Hulu Plus as originally advertised.


These historic events will be taped and aired on FUELTV-the current home of Ultimate Fighting Championship.


FuelTV has been looking to expand its combat sports line-up, due to the success of “UFC on FUEL” for quite some time. Negotiations between PWX DOC Lillith Morgan, the PWX Board of Directors, and FuelTV management have been on going for several weeks-once word that NBC Sports Network (formerly known as Versus) was dropping Adrenaline late 2012. The show will air in an edited format on Hulu Plus, but first run programming for Adrenaline 25, 26, 27, and 28 will air first on FUELTV.


This “trial run” will be a difference maker in deciding the future home of PWX on TV.


More on this story as it becomes available.