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Adrenaline 53: Full Throttle Fallout


PWX returns to Canada, and returns to Montreal with the fallout of FULL THROTTLE!


The new Hybrid Champion ANTON CHASE goes to war with the Evo Champion RYAN KIDD in our main event. Who will survive in this Champion War!


FULL THROTTLE 2013 (New York)

227px-Full_Throttle_LogoPWX Full Throttle is in the books-who is the World Champion? Who is the Hybrid Champion? What dastardly deed did Zion do this week?




What a night of action it was!


Troy Stone? Preston Parker? Wayne Carruthers? Who is the WINNER of the 2013 WORLD GRAND PRIX?


Was Noah Hanson able to stop Elijah Black?


What did the new Regime of Darin Zion and his Shadow Cabinet do to be a complete douche this time?


Tune in true believers-to Adrenaline 52, NOW!


Adrenaline 52: World Grand Prix Finale

Adrenaline 50: World Grand Prix in Flair Country

sabin_1771931aWhat a night it was folks! Who advanced in the World Grand Prix-as Jason Aries faced Blake Parker, Wayne Caruthers fought Tate Jaxon, Nightmare fought Bruce Bowen, and Bob Pooler went to battle Nighthawk in an EPIC main event?


Also, the House of Stone went to battle with the Evolution Champion Ryan Kidd, and his partner, Anton Chase!

Adrenaline 49: World Grand Prix Hotlanta (Atlanta, GA)

pwx_wgp_2013The first night of PWXs second annual WORLD GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT Has officially kicked off-and what a HUGE BANG its kicked off with!


Have we seen the last of Tiami Tyler in a PWX ring?


Was the grizzled veteran James Silkk able to overcome the New Blood in Anton Chase?


What happened when Nighthawk stepped into the ring with newcomer Tate Jaxon?


Was Pat Gordon Jr able to survive a returning Golden One?


And who survived the war between Ryan Kidd and Troy Stone-as this rivalry gets amazingly personal.


PWX Do Or Die IV (Houston, TX | 8-21-13)

pwx_doordie13_v1PWX returned to Houston, Texas-for the fourth installment of DO OR DIE!

What a night it was folks! Careers were on the line, championships were on the line. Who walked out of Houston with their hand raised, and who left shamed?

Spoiler: Evolution Greatness!

Tune into PWX Do Or Die IV for ALL the action!

Adrenaline 48: Wichita Warfare!

220px-Nicolas_Cage_2011_CCWhat a night of action it was! The stage for DO OR DIE was set, and the House of Stone made an impact!


What did Noah Hanson have to say to Tiami Tyler?


What happened when the World Champion and Brian Hollywood went to war with The Number One Contender and John Pariah? Tune into ADR48: Wichita Warfare for ALL the details!

Adrenaline 46: Championship Taisen (Louisville, KY)

06Adrenaline 47 is in the books folks! What a night the CHAMPIONSHIP TAISEN was! Who walked out ontop when the World Champion and the Evolution Champion went head to head? Also, who will challenge for the World Tag Team Titles? And do we have a NEW HYBRID CHAMPION?

Adrenaline 45: Uprising Fallout

pwx_fuel wht went down when Jason Aries fought Elijah Black? Who is the next challenger for the World Title? What did Anton Chase do in his PWX DEBUT? Tune into ADR45 to find out!

Uprising (Toyota Park, IL)



What a night it was. Who walked away with the Hybrid Championship? Did the House of Stone keep their Evolution Title intact? Who has a date with destiny to fullfill their Golden Dreams? Who is still alive? Pariah or Hollywood? and who is our WORLD CHAMPION? Tune into UPRISING to find out!