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Adrenaline 54: Rise of a Monster

cropped-new_pwx_logo.pngAdrenaline 54 was a huge night of action! Check out the recap at



Adrenaline 51: Extreme Adrenaline 2013

Extreme_(_Extreme_album_-_cover_art)Tonight, PWX returned to Philadelphia, PA for Adrenaline 51-and on this night, the World Grand Prix got EXTREME.


See what we did there?


Who are the FINAL THREE in the WGP, and could Timothy Hunt take out Noah Hanson? Tune in to find out!


PWX confirmed WORLD GRAND PRIX 2013

pwx_wgp_2013PWX took to Twitter last night to announce the return of the WORLD GRAND PRIX Tournament.


Last year, PWX introduced the WGP as a means to attract new rising talent to the company. The tournament did that, as it brought current Golden Dreams holder Timothy Hunt, current two time Hybrid Champion Jessica Harmony, Marisol Silkk, Tiami Tyler and the eventual winner of the tournament-Kerry Windsor into the PWX ring.


This year, PWX has opened up to an initial field of TWELVE-and the invitations have gone out. Already six spots in the tournament are claimed: Former PWX Tag Team Champion TIAMI TYLER will represent WEW, WILLIAM BLAKE will represent SCW. Also, current PWX talent BRUCE BOWEN will represent the House of Stone-along with current Evolution Champion TROY STONE. PWX rising star ANTON CHASE, and the first ever Proving Ground Winner RYAN KIDD round out this initial six. Rumors and interest have been circling the internet all day-as to who else could throw their name into the tournament.


The prize? 10 Grand in cash, and a shot at the PWX World Champion in October at UNBREAKABLE.


PWX Schedule:


August 21st – Do Or Die III

Toyota Center

Houston, TX


August 28th – ADR49: World Grand Prix 2: Night One
Forbes Arena
Atlanta, GA

September 4th – ADR50: 50 Shades of Adrenaline
Bojangles Coliseum
Charlotte, NC

September 11th – ADR51: Extreme Adrenaline
Wachovia Center
Philadelphia, PA

September 18th – ADR 52: World Grand Prix: Jersey Style
Sun National Bank Arena
Trenton, New Jersey

September 25th – PWX Full Throttle II PPV
Manhattan Center
New York City, NY


Adrenaline 47: Tag Wars

pwx_tag_2013What a night of action! The Hybrid Division was in full swing, as Anton Chase went to war with John Pariah. Elijah Black went to battle with Timothy Hunt!


Also, the Tag Titles were on the line (finally!) as Sex & Money defended against both the House of Stone and The Bad Attitude! Who are our tag team champions? Find out on Adrenaline 47-NOW!

Adrenaline 43: Stone vs Pariah (Crown Point, IN)


What went down as TROY STONE defended his Evolution Championship (of the Galaxy) against JOHN PARIAH? What happened when NIGHTHAWK went to war with ADAM STRYKER-and could the WORLD CHAMPION stay PARTIAL?


Was Ophellia Morganti able to get back on the winning track against Donovan Cross? Was Brian Watters able to go 2-0? Check out the recap of ADRENALINE 43: STONE VS PARIAH RIGHT NOW!

Adrenaline 41: rEVOLVE (June 19th 2013 – Chicago, IL)

pwx_evo_2013What a night it was at the NEW PWX Arena, who walked out of a HUGE three way dance for the Evolution Championship? What happened when former stablemates in Aries and Silkk went to war? Check out the replay for all the action of ADR41: rEVOLVE-as we begin the road to UPRISING at Toyota Park!

Adrenaline 35: Windy City Rumble RESULTS! 4-24-13

justinrobertsgetchokedoutYeah, it was that intense..


PWX returned to the Frontier Arena in Chicago-with a huge night that could only be summed up by WINDY CITY RUMBLE! The war between the Untouchables and the First Family came to a head – as Tiami Tyler clashed with Christian Rhodes, and the World Tag Team Titles were up for grab as Pariah & Hollywood took on Stryker and Aries!


Also, the Evolution Champion and World Champion (our people in the truck want to call them Black Hawk Down…..we dont know why either….RJD…) – went to battle with their respective Civil War opponents-Shadoe Rage and Noah Hanson. Which team made it out on top at the Windy City Rumble?

Also, what is the fate of the former World Champion? Darin Zion’s retirement speech and so much more- its the 647th thread on our board..its ADR35: WINDY CITY RUMBLE!!


PWX Adrenaline 20: The Milestone

AdrenalinesmallWhat happened on the last night before NEVER SAY DIE? Was Timothy Hunt able to keep ahold of the Hybrid Championship-or has a new challenger entered TLC?


What happened when Hollywood, Silkk, Zion, and Olesen all stood in the same ring? Find out by catching the replay of ADRENALINE 20 on HULU PLUS!

Adrenaline 13: The Wedding Album ON DEMAND!

What happened when PWX returned home! It was the start of #Homecoming for the PWX Faithful. Adrenaline 13 was a huge event, what happened when the new Hybrid Champion went one on one with the PWX World Tag Team Champion? What happened during the Silkk / Hawkes wedding? Find out all this and more as you check the results section-for PWX Adrenaline 13…ON DEMAND!


What happened when The Abstract teamed with the World Champion, to face top contender Tweeder and the Archetype of PWX? What did the Conglomerate have to say? Who is the Evolution Champion? All these questions are answered, as PWX returned to Philly, and got extreme!