Secret Origins

[Pro Wrestling X General Information]

-Established: August 2005

-In Character Authority:
–Lillith Morgan (Director of Competition)

-In Character Staff:
— Alexis Lace (Ring Announcer / Backstage Interviewer)
— Chris Caudill (Color Commentary)
— Ricky Cravate (Color Commentary)

-Current Championships:

–PWX World Championship

–PWX Hybrid CHampionship

–PWX World Tag Team Championships

–PWX Evolution Championship

–PWX Women’s Championship

Defunct Championships:

–Global Hybrid Championship (GHC)
–Television Championship
–Bloodlust Championship
–EvoX Championship (Development)
–EvoX Pride Championship (Dev.)
–EvoX Buckeye Championship (Dev.)
–Next Generation Championship
–Total Destiny Championship
–Kalifornia Championship (Development)

Live Events / TV Shows


PWX airs Adrenaline weekly on FUEL TV

PWX also airs monthly Super Cards every fifth Wednesday (4 TV shows between cards) on FUELTV These events act as our “PPV” type events.

[Brief History]
-Summer 2005 John Pariah left Wrestlings Only Cause due creative differences. He sought the assistance of Chicago based promoter, JP Olesen (EPW / SOH) and the two of them formed what would become Pro Wrestling X

-Summer 2005 PWX moved it’s offices to Crown Point, IN

-Late-July 2005 PWX announced the beginnings of a roster- and the announcement of a weekly TV series on Friday Nights: “Adrenaline”. The show would air on HBO every Friday.

-August 5th 2005 PWX held a live Preview / Countdown show to hype the debut episode of ADRENALINE the following week.

-August 12th 2005 The first episode of PWX: Adrenaline was aired-with the opening rounds of the PWX Title Tournament.

-September 2nd 2005 PWX Crowned the first Television and Hybrid Champions. Hunter McKay defeated Chaos in a Ladder Match to win the PWX TV Title-and John Pariah won a 3 Way Iron Man Match to win the PWX Hybrid Title.

-September 23rd 2005 PWX Debuted it’s first Bi Monthly PPV-with the blockbuster UPRISING event-which was held in Cleveland, OH. The show featured the much anticipated clash between John Pariah and Michael Norcia-with long time friend Cal “The Buzz” Roberts as the guest official!

-September 30th 2005 Michael Norcia defeated Chris Griffin in the Finals of the PWX Title Tournament in Grand Rapids, MI to win the PWX Championship.

-November 4th / 11th 2005 PWX held two special Adrenaline tapings in the world famous ECW Arena in South Philledelphia. These shows were given the special title of “Extreme Adrenaline”

-November 18th 2005 PWX debuted at the Manhattan Center in New York City for it’s Second Bi Monthly PPV-entitled NEVER SAY DIE. The event featured a hellacious Five Man Elimination Hell In A Cell Match-which saw Michael Norcia pin Brian Watters to retain the PWX Title.

-December 30th 2005 PWX held a special Year In Review show-in which Michael Norcia was crowned the Wrestler of 2005 by PWX fans. Norcia and Kalcium also had the Match Of The Year at Adrenaline 13-in which Norcia defeated Kalcium to retain the PWX Title in a 2 Out of 3 Falls barbwire match. The second fall saw Kalcium pin Norcia for the first time in his PWX Career. The main event featured James Silkk defeated Vincent Ozzstryker to win the PWX TV Title in the “Last Match of 2005”.

-January 2006 PWX Announced they would hold an 8 Man Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup Tournament in January. PWX also announced that starting in March and April-PWX would use their newly aquired arena in Crown Point, IN-christened the PWX Arena

-January 6th 2006 PWX returned to HBO for Adrenaline 19. The first match of 06 was billed as a Four Way Tag Team Scramble- that saw TRU capture the PWX Tag Team Championship. The main event saw Michael Norcia defeat Hunter McKay to retain the title. The show also announced the January PPV Main Event-Kal / Norcia II and started the Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup.

-January 27th 2006 PWX returned to PPV with it’s most controversial event ever: NEW HORIZONS: VIVA LA RAZA. Kalcium went missing-and after successfully defeating Chris Griffin in a Last Man Standing Match. Brian Watters won an impromptu 10 Man Battle Royal to go on to face Michael Norcia in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. The final fall saw the belt get hung over the ring-and Brian Watters managed to pull the belt down-becoming the NEW PWX Champion-thanks to the assist from Chris Kostoff and HOW. The event is also controversial because Hunter McKay actually shot himself in the head after he was unable to win the PWX/HOW ICON Title. Chris Kostoff also defeated fellow HOW member-Corey Sizemore to win the first annual Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup

-Feburary 2006 HBO Management deemed PWX too real, and too graphic after it’s live suicide on New Horizons. Adrenaline was canceled.

-Feb. 10th 2006 PWX aired the last installment of Adrenaline on HBO from Los Angeles, CA

-Feb 18th 2006 PWX aired a special “Online Adrenaline” on Also from Los Angeles, CA

-Feb 25th 2006 PWX made it’s debut on THE FIGHT NETWORK with Adrenaline 25. The huge nearly PPV quality event was subtitled “Overdose” and featured Brian Watters narrowly defeating Pete Ebdon to retain the PWX Title.

-March 2006 PWX Management disbanded the PWX “Television” Title-and renamed it the PWX Next Generation Championship. The champion is gareunteed ONE PWX Championship Match at their discretion.

-March 18th 2006 PKA defeated Corey Sizemore in his TV debut to capture the newly created PWX Next Generation Title. He lost it a week later to Noah Hanson @ Anghellic.

-March 25th 2006 PWX returned to PPV when they debuted on HOW Turf-The United Center in Chicago, IL as they presented their ANGHELLIC PPV.

-April 8th 2006 PWX took a week off-as JPO, Pariah, and Buzz all attended the Ring of Honor WrestleMania Triple Shot in Detroit / Chicago. The Fight Network aired a special on the historic event-featuring interviews with the PWX Officials. The 4/8 edition of Adrenaline also was PWX’s debut in the new PWX Arena.

-April 29th 2006 PWX aired a special entitled “Final Fight”-which would be our last show for a month in the PWX Arena-before PWX headed to England for the month of May.

-May 2006 PWX announced that starting with May’s Vendetta PPV-PWX would move to a more traditional monthly PPV format. Plans were also announced for 2 more international tours-including Canada and Japan in late 2006

-May 6th 2006 PWX debuted at the Doncaster Dome in South Yorkshire, ENG for a month straight.

-May 27th 2006 PWX held it’s final show at Doncaster- which was the May PPV event “Vendetta”. The show featured a brutal Elimination Chamber-that saw Violent K pin Pete Ebdon to become the NEW PWX Champion-and the first ever Triple Crown winner.

-June 2006 PWX announced the return to PPV. June 24th, “At All Cost”. Michael Norcia would be faced with one of his toughest tasks-his former friend, Cal “The Buzz” Roberts in a No Holds Barred Match was signed for the PPV the first week of June.

-July 2006 PWX began running succesful House Show events.

-July 2006 Violent K had to relinquish the PWX Title due to injuries suffered at the hands of Pete Ebdon. JPO announced Ebdon, Peter Octavian, and Ness would compete in a 3 Way Dance @ Do Or Die for both the Hybrid and PWX Titles.

-July 29th 2006 PWX: Do Or Die. The most VIOLENT night in PWX history saw the first ever Razor Wire Warfare Match-as well as a Pirhana Death Match between HateNation & Sex and Money for the Tag Team Titles.

-August 12th 2006 PWX Is one year old today!

-August 19th 2006 PWX will end their deal with THE FIGHT NETWORK -after being bought out by ESPN.

-August 26th 2006 PWX Presents DESTINY: One Year Anniversary live from the sold out PWX Arena on Pay Per View

–September 2006 PWX moves networks-and debuts on ESPN2.

–September 2006 PWX purchases Dragon Spirit Pro Wrestling-and John Pariah brings its “Global Honored Championship” to PWX as a PWX Title.

–October 2006 PWX goes international once more-and debuts in Osaka, Japan for a month long stay-ending with PWX: Hostile Takeover.

–October 2006 PWX gets ultraviolent-as the Japanese fans are treated to the first annual PWX King of the Deathmatch Tournament.

–October 2006 Dylan Greenwood, Madison Evans, Jackson, and The Painted Assassin face the team of JW McCammon, Brian Hollywood, Fury and Noah Hanson in the first ever Torneo de Cibernetico @ Hostile Takeover. Dylan Greenwood and Noah Hanson last to the final two-as Greenwood pinned Noah Hanson to win the first ever Torneo de Cibernetico.

November 2006 PWX holds its biggest PPV ever-“Never Say Die II” live from the “Bingo Hall That Started It All”-the ECW Arena in South Philly.

November 25th 2006Tyler Boyd unifies his PWX Hybrid Title with John Pariah’s Global Honored Title at “Never Say Die II”.

December 30th 2006 -PWX Founder John Pariah announces his ‘retirment’, wrestles ‘final’ match against long standing rival-Micheal Norcia at “The Final Countdown”. Match goes to 60 minute draw, Pariah given standing ovation.

January 2007 – PWX rings in 2007 with the second annual Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup Tournament. Tournament won by Kenji Gosenkugi

January 25th 2007 John Pariah dies in hospital after violent car wreck.

January 2007 – Former CCW Owner, Preston Everett Presley III is named new CEO of PWX Wrestling-after JPO leaves the company. JPO would return later in the year.

February 2007 PWX debuts in Mexico City, Mexico for a string of shows leading up to “Death Before Dishonor” on PPV.

March 2007 PWX announces the Tag Team Grand Prix Tournament to crown new Tag Team Champions-after the titles were left vacant.

April 2007 PWX debuts at The Sears Centre in Chicago, IL leading up to “Dark New Day”. An event that will go down in history as the catalyst for Civil War, and the ressurection of John Pariah. Also noted: Pariah and Norcia formed one of the most dominant teams ever, in the Kings Among Men.

May 2007 PWX returns to England for the second installment of “Vendetta”. Earlier in the month, the Kings Among Men captures the PWX Campeones de Parejas titles from Crucial Conflict. April also saw the formation of PWX’s second OFFICIAL Development league, Bloodlust.

June 2007 PWX returned home after a 2 month absence to bring you AT ALL COST. June also marked the third annual tournament to be held yearly in PWX, The Innaugural Genesis Cup. This tournament was won by Micheal Norcia. At All Cost also refocused on the ongoing Civil War threatening to rip PWX Apart.

July 2007 PWX debuted in Australia and presented their 100th Show: DO OR DIE II live in Melbourne, AUS

December 2007 PWX closed it’s doors.

2008 April 2008 – PWX announced “A COLD DAY IN HELL”, a one night reunion.

June 28th 2008 – PWX held “A COLD DAY IN HELL” infront of a sold out crowd on Versus.

August 2009 – PWX was purched by Comcast owned VERSUS Entertainment, and it was announced that PWX would be launching as a new weekly program on VERSUS HD. The company was moved to Philadelphia, and now hold their weekly TV tapings at The ECW Arena.

September 7th 2009 – PWX Adrenaline on VERSUS HD went live infront of a sold out ECW Arena. It garned some of the highest ratings any PWX TV show has. The fire has been re-lit, and PWX is back where it belongs

2012: PWX is back for a third season, and is ready to revitalize the industry

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