Coming off the heels of a riotous ADRENALINE 41, PWX leaves HQ and heads down to Louisville, KY for RESPECT IS EARNED, Live and exclusively on VERSUS HD on Monday, August 9th 2010. It already sounds better than the bingo-hall-reunion-thats-not-in-the-bingo-hall-being-marketed-by-a-company-that-doesnt-own-the-name-anyways-and-is-named-after-a-gay-cop-themed-porno show thats taking place in Orlando, FL the night before.

Last night, PWX set the final preperations in place for their Davis Arena debut on the 9th of August. The PWX debut return of “Caged Rage”, plus FOUR huge Championship Matches. Let’s take a look at the official card for RESPECT IS EARNED!

PWX and VERSUS HD present
Monday, August 9th 2010
Davis Arena
Louisville, KY
Official Theme Song: “Free Your Hate” by KMFDM

The Chain of Evolution Match for a PWX Evolution Title Shot
Mike Lohon v. Xander Crewes v. Fox v. Victor Jace v. Ben Stevens v. Patrick Flintlock v. Luke Blue

Singles Match:
Chris Stern v. Victor Mandrake

Vixen’s Match:
Jinx v. Ashley Graves

Ultra Violent Submission Match
Bryan Willett v. Sami Jacobs

PWX Evolution Championship Match:
Josh Graves vs John Ojeda (c)

Rusty Pipe on a Pole Match:
Scott Styles v. Devon Poole

Ambulance Match
Darin Zion v. Lust

PWX World Tag Team Championship Match:
The Whirly Birdz © v. Wild and John Pariah (The Cartel)

PWX Hybrid Championship
Valerie Belmont v. Danny Szatkowski ©

Caged Rage Match for the PWX Grand Prix Championship:
Jeremiah Belmont © v. Jacob Wright vs Brian Hollywood


About John Pariah

count up your crimes, because i am the destroyer of worlds…Internet Personality John Pariah Olesen here! im just a passing through new media expert..…remember that….let's make a show of it!

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